Chinaza Ikeri-Akinruli

Public Defender
Title: Assistant Public Defender

Court / Division: 14A3/14A4 District Court, Misdemeanor Division

Education: Cass technical high school in Detroit Michigan. BA, Tennessee State University in Nashville Tennessee. JD, Thomas M Cooley law school in?Ann Arbor Michigan 

Experience:? 10+ years of criminal law experience. Previous experience involved civil law and governmental law. 

Other: Attorney Ikeri-Akinruli is passionate about public defense because she knows the importance of competent and zealous advocacy that is not determined by the individuals financial status. Those in the population that we serve are typically overlooked, overworked, underpaid, and disregarded by society as a whole. ?The interest of our clients are too often?underrepresented in all significant areas in society.? Her passion comes from the understanding of the importance of contributing to helping, uplifting, and supporting those who need it the most.? 


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