• Purple shed in background of rain garden flowers
  • Man stands with hands on hips in rain garden
  • Image of rain garden in a backyard
  • Couple stands in rain garden smiling for camera
  • Woman stands in rain garden in front of house
  • Woman stands beside rain garden with plaque in backyard
  • Woman stands beside Rain Garden plaque in yard
  • Woman Stands beside rain garden in her house side yard
  • Woman stands beside rain garden in front lawn
  • Woman stands beside fall rain garden
  • Woman smiles beside rain garden at house
  • Woman raises arms in victory beside rain garden in backyard
  • Woman raises arm in triumph beside rain garden in back yard
  • Woman poses with t-shirt in front of rain garden on lawn
  • Woman points to rain garden sign in yard
  • Woman in hat raises arm in triumph beside rain garden
  • Woman in green stands beside rain garden smiling
  • Woman beside side house rain garden
  • Two men stand beside raingarden in front yard
  • Three men work with large rocks out of truck bed
  • Three gardeners cheer in garden
  • Statue in rain garden
  • Rain garden in front lawn of house

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