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Zero Waste Event Request Form

  1. Please complete this form at least 6 weeks before your event.
  2. Event Planner Contact Information
  3. Event Information
  4. Please provide an aerial view of the location. This helps us determine the footprint of your event and make a better recommendation on the number of zero waste stations.

  5. Will food and/or drinks be sold or served?*
  6. For example BPI-certified compostable plates or glassware, BPI-certified compostable cutlery or metal cutlery, chip bags, napkins, plastic sauce cups, etc. 

  7. What will drinks be served in?

    check all that apply

  8. Will vendors be providing the food or drink?*
  9. Will you be using BPI-certified compostable service ware?*

    More on BPI certification at

  10. i.e party favors, gift bags, take-home containers, etc. 

  11. Post-Event Waste Considerations
  12. How will you be handling landfill materials after the event?*
  13. How will you be handling recyclable materials after the event?*
  14. How will you be handling compostable materials after the event?*
  15. You may be eligible for a sponsorship to assist with the event’s compost hauling cost. Depending on the available budget, Washtenaw County will support  $400 worth of funding or 50%, whichever is more, with a maximum of $700. 

  16. Feel free to ask questions or provide more detail on items you want to address in your event plan. 

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