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Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office Property Watch

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    If your city/township does not appear below, please contact Washtenaw Metro Dispatch at 734-994-2911 for an appropriate response.
  3. Type of Property*
  4. Will there be any vehicles on the property during your absence?
  5. Lighting Information: Check all that apply
  6. Do you have security cameras, e.g. NestCam, Ring Doorbell, etc.?
  7. Does the property have an alarm system?
  8. Are there any pets in the home?
  9. Will anyone else be doing property checks?
  10. If someone else will be doing property checks, please provide their name, phone number and vehicle description in the fields below.
  11. In case of emergency, who should be contacted other than or in addition to you?
  12. Does emergency contact #1 have keys to property?
  13. Does emergency contact #2 have keys to property?
  14. I request a security check be made of my property during my absence and agree to notify the Sheriff's Office promptly upon my return. By submitting this online form, I understand the Sheriff’s Office will contact me in the event of an emergency.
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