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West Lake Preserve

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West Lake Preserve Trail Map (PDF)

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About West Lake Preserve

With scenic views and a rural setting, West Lake Preserve is one of NAPP’s most tranquil properties. Trails take you through a wide range of ecosystems, such as upland forest, wetland, open water shoreline, and open fields. Bring your binoculars—the diversity of habitats attracts numerous types of birds, including sandhill cranes, wild turkeys, belted kingfishers, and eastern bluebirds—a bald eagle has even been spotted several times! The forested area of West Lake Preserve consists of mature oak and hickory trees with some portions having sandy soil dry enough for blueberry bushes and bracken fern to grow. Other portions of the property are very wet. A buttonbush swamp provides protection for young reptiles, including the State-protected Blanding’s turtle, and various amphibians as they mature.
  • Acres: 217
  • Established: 2008
  • Trail Length: 2.22 miles

Note: There is no fishing or boating access to West Lake.

West Lake Preserve is operated by the Washtenaw County Parks & Recreation Commission and was purchased through the Natural Areas Preservation Program.


Directions: From I-94: Exit Number 159 (M-52), northbound. Turn right onto Werkner Road, then turn right on Waterloo Road. Preserve is located on north side of Waterloo about 1.0 mile east of Werkner Road.