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Border-to-Border Trailhead: Loon Feather Point Park

Subfacility of Border-to-Border Trail (B2B)

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Border-to-Border Trail Map and Bike Map - 2016 (PDF)

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  1. Bicycles Allowed
  2. Birdwatching
  3. Dogs Allowed
  4. Fishing (license required)
  5. Non-motorized Vehicles Allowed
  6. Parking
  7. Picnic Shelter
  8. Playground
  9. Restrooms (may be seasonal)
  10. Trails - Natural Ground, Unimproved
  11. Trails - Paved
Loon Feather Point Park Trailhead

Located on the north shore of Ford Lake, this park has wonderful picnic shelters, play equipment, and scenic vistas. The park is staffed and gated during the park season.

To access the Border-to-Border Trail (B2B), head east along Grove Road (at the park entrance) to get to North Hydro Park. Heading west along Grove Road will take patrons towards Downtown Ypsilanti, Riverside Park, Depot Town, and Frog Island Park - another B2B Trailhead.

Other Ypsilanti Area Trail Access Points:

What is the Border-to-Border Trail?
The Border-to-Border Trail (B2B) is a non-motorized pathway that connects cities, parks, and many destinations throughout Washtenaw County.