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Border to Border Trail (B2B)


Border-to-Border Trail Map and Bike Map - 2016 (PDF)

B2B Overview Maps (PDF)

Destinations Along the B2B - Current and Future (PDF)

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  1. Bicycles Allowed
  2. Bike Racks
  3. Dogs Allowed
  4. Non-motorized Vehicles Allowed
  5. Restrooms (may be seasonal)
  6. Trails
  7. Trails - Paved

Border-to-Border Trail

The Border to Border Trail (B2B) is a non-motorized pathway that connects cities, parks, and many destinations throughout Washtenaw County. At present, nearly 30 miles of the trail network is complete within the county. Visit the B2B homepage for more information.

Please note that the B2B Trail is a partnership between many different jurisdictions and organizations and the facility where the trail resides may not be owned by Washtenaw County Parks & Recreation.

Key Project Elements & Goals

  • Completion of 35 miles of the Huron River Greenway - a paved shared-use pathway connecting Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, and Dexter along the Huron River
  • Completion of 29 miles of the Huron Waterloo Pathway - a paved shared use path connecting Dexter, Chelsea, Stockbridge, the Lakelands Trail, and Pinckney in a "Loop"
  • Conservation of the Huron River corridor
  • Provide opportunities for transportation, recreation, river access, and links to neighboring counties
  • To the maximum extent possible, the trail is routed away from roads to create a safe a fun experience for a wide range of users
  • Distinctive signage system creates a unique identity for the B2B while helping users navigate the trail


  1. Border to Border Trailhead: Bandemer Park

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  2. Border to Border Trailhead: Dexter-Huron Metropark

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  3. Border to Border Trailhead: Frog Island Park

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  4. Border to Border Trailhead: Gallup Park

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  5. Border to Border Trailhead: Loon Feather Point Park

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  6. Border to Border Trailhead: Mill Creek Park North

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  7. Border to Border Trailhead: North Hydro Park

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