What is Act 222?

To afford property owners, individuals, and governmental agencies greater efficiency, certainty, and consistency in the provision of relief for damages or physical injuries caused by a sewage disposal system event. Michigan Legislature passed new legislation regarding damages from sanitary and storm sewer events. 

Public Act 170 of 1964, as amended by Public Act 222 of 2001, requires that if you are seeking compensation for personal injury or property damage, you must show that the county drain system had a defect; that an appropriate government agency knew, or reasonably should have known, about the defect; that the defect was not remedied by the government agency in a reasonable time; that the property damage or personal injury resulted because of the defect; and that you own and have related the value of the damaged personal property.

View Act 222 of Public Acts of 2001 (PDF) and view the fact sheet (PDF) or call 734-222-6860.

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