When to call the county for drainage service?
  • Flooding 
    The Water Resources Commissioner's staff responds to flooding situations caused by designated county drains. 734-222-6860
  • Maintenance 
    Report drain maintenance needs to the Office of the Water Resources Commissioner. 734-222-6860
  • Right-of-Ways
    Right-of-Ways are granted to the Water Resource Commissioner's office along all designated county drains for the purpose of allowing access to operate, maintain or repair the drain. Property owners retain ownership, but are restricted from building permanent structures that may impede drain maintenance within the easement area. Work done by the property owner within the easement, such as constructing a crossing or tap in, requires a permit. Drainage swales may not be filled in. Easements are recorded at the Washtenaw County Register of Deeds office and are also on file at the Washtenaw County Water Resource Commissioner's office. The width of right of ways vary from drain to drain depending on the drain's size and type. Some are of an unspecified width. The Drain Code (Act 40 of Public Acts of 1956, as amended) states that the Water Resource Commissioner may use and enter upon any easement for maintenance or any other lawful activity with respect to the drain without requiring a larger or different right of way.
  • Report Illegal Dumping
    Washtenaw County has a regulation prohibiting dumping waste on property or waters in Washtenaw County. If you observe dumping or see abandoned barrels, call 911. Do not approach abandoned drums, they may contain dangerous materials. This report will be routed to the appropriate personnel at Washtenaw County Emergency Management (734-973-4900).

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