Where can I view the Michigan Drain Code?

The Michigan Drain Code is an act to codify the laws relating to:

  • The laying out of drainage districts
  • The consolidation of drainage districts
  • The construction and maintenance of
    • Bridges
    • Culverts
    • Drains
    • Fords
    • Pumping equipment
    • Sewers
  • The structures and mechanical devices to properly purify the flow of drains
  • To provide for flood control projects
  • To provide for water management, water management districts, and subdistricts
  • Flood control and drainage projects within drainage districts
  • To provide for the assessment and collection of taxes
  • To provide for the investment of funds
  • To provide for the deposit of funds for future maintenance of drains
  • To authorize public corporations to impose taxes for the payment of assessments in anticipation of which bonds are issued
  • To provide for the issuance of bonds by drainage districts and for the pledge of the full faith and credit of counties for payment of the bonds
  • To authorize counties to impose taxes when necessary to pay principal and interest on bonds for which full faith and credit is pledged
  • To validate certain acts and bonds; and to prescribe penalties

View Act 40 of 1956

For more information, contact Water Resources at 734-222-6860.

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