What is a lake level?

Under the Inland Lake Level Act (Part 307 of P.A. 59 of 1995), a board of commissioners may file a petition in circuit court to establish a special assessment district to pay the costs of establishing and maintaining a lake level. The board of commissioners must file such petition if requested in writing by two-thirds of the freeholders owning lands abutting the lake. 

The Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners delegates administrative duties to the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner to oversee lake level projects. The Water Resources Commissioner must determine the apportionment of costs incurred and assess for maintenance of the lake level.  Washtenaw County is involved with several lake level projects. Four Mile Lake, Horseshoe Lake, and Iron Lake are intracounty lake level projects. Hiland Chain of Lakes, Whitmore Lake and Portage-Baseline Lakes are intercounty lake level projects, jointly administered by the Washtenaw and Livingston County Water Resources Commissioners. 

Section 24 of the Inland Lake Level Act requires inspection of all lake level control structures on all inland lakes that have normal levels established under this Act to be completed once every three years by a licensed professional engineer.

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