What are common violations noted during Electrical Inspections?

The following violations are often noted: 

  • Permanent service: too much conduit or cable inside of building, 5 foot or less. Article 230-70 (A)
  • Firestopping: upper / lower plates and cold air returns that wires pass through. Article 300 - 21
  • Wires running with cold air returns not sleeved. Article 300 - 22 (C)
  • Spacing of outlets 6 foot and 12 foot Rule. Article 210-52 (1) (2)
  • Spacing of outlets kitchen counter tops 24 and 48 inches rule. Article 210-52 (C) (1)
  • Outlets installed on peninsula and island space. Article 210-52(C)(2)(3)(4)
  • Access for pumps on Jacuzzi type bathtubs, shall be accessible without damaging the building finish. Article 680-72
  • Outlets that need to be Ground Fault Interrupted (GFI) protected:
    • All kitchen counter plugs.
    • All accessible outlets in garage.
    • Exterior outlets.
    • Outlets in unfinished basements.
    • Bathroom outlets.
    • Outlets within 6 foot of wet bar.
  • Depth of underground cable or conduit. Table 300-5
  • Closet lights location to shelves; 6 inches from shelves for fluorescent, 12 inches from shelves for incandescent.

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2. What are common violations noted during Electrical Inspections?