What are common violations noted during building inspections?

The following violations are often noted:

  • "Graspable" handrail required three or more risers.
  • Concentrated point loads missing solid bearing to foundation.
  • Firestopping of intersections of floor/ceiling, soffits, columns, mechanical chases.
  • Roof and Floor Engineering (truss drawings, I- Joists) required for rough inspection, bracing, damaged or altered, proper fastening of girders.
  • Improper or missing installation of mechanical connectors (hangers, angles, straps etc.)
  • Foundation anchorage - Minimum 2 per plate, Maximum 12 inches from ends/breaks in plates, spacing to manufacturers' specifications.
  • Stair geometry inconsistency - three-eight inch maximum variance between risers, 8.25 inch maximum riser.
  • Improper final grading, minimum 1 inch per foot - to a distance of 8 feet away from house.
  • Exterior caulking and sealing.
  • Safety glazing - within 24 inches of doors, in tub/shower enclosures, within 18 inches of floor and greater than 9 square feet of area.

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2. What are common violations noted during building inspections?