When can I expect the results?

The Environmental Health Division is committed to processing all submittals in a fair and timely manner. Reports will be reviewed in the order they are received. The County will send the owner a letter to authorize the sale or identify necessary correction in no more than 5 business days of receiving a complete report. If a report is incomplete or cannot be interpreted, the inspector will be contacted for clarification and asked to submit a complete report.

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1. When did this program start?
2. What does this regulation require?
3. Why do we need this program?
4. What does this mean to homeowners who want to sell their property?
5. Must all systems be brought up to current standards?
6. Are there any exceptions to this regulation?
7. Does this program delay home sales?
8. How can I sell a house before repairs are completed?
9. How are these inspections accomplished?
10. What does this program cost?
11. When can I expect the results?