How long will the plan review take?

The length of time plan review will take depends mostly on the completeness of the information you submit. Once the information is submitted, our Senior Sanitarians will go through the menu, floor plan, equipment, worksheets, and standard operating procedures to ensure that all items are completed and meet current guidelines. A letter of approval or denial (detailing the information needed for approval) will be mailed within 30 days from your original submission. Additional information is required on most submittals, so please plan for this.

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1. What is food service plan review?
2. Which agency do I need to contact for my plan review?
3. When do I need to submit plans?
4. How long will the plan review take?
5. What happens after I get an approval letter?
6. When can I open?
7. Once I am open, will I be inspected again?
8. How do I renew my license?
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