What is the relationship between the Public Defender and the Prosecutor?

While the Prosecutor has the duty to represent the State in proving their case beyond a reasonable doubt in the pursuit of justice, the Public Defender has the adversarial, check and balance duty to fight zealously and skillfully to ensure that a miscarriage of justice does not occur; that the innocent are not falsely or mistakenly convicted and punished while the guilty escape penalty and remain free to continue to harm, abuse and endanger the community; that individual constitutional rights are always protected, fair treatment and due process are always received and everything possible is always done for what is truly in the best interest of the client; and that clients are always competently and candidly advised to that effect with the clear understanding always that it is the individual client who retains the inalienable right to make the ultimate decision of whether to go to trial before a Jury or before a Judge (i.e. Bench Trial), or to accept a plea or sentence bargain.

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