Will serving on jury duty affect my job?

Your employer is required by law to release you for jury service. An employer who discharges or disciplines or threatens to discharge or discipline an employee because that person is summoned for jury service may be charged with a misdemeanor and also may be punished for contempt of court. In addition, an employer may be charged with a misdemeanor if he/she forces an employee to work any number of hours during a day which, in combination with the hours served as a juror that day, exceeds the number of hours normally and customarily worked by the person during a day (unless otherwise provided in a collective bargaining agreement).

Although not mandated by State law, many employers today will continue to pay you during your jury service. As mandated by law, jurors receive not less than $25 per day ($12.50 per half day) for the first day of jury service; $40 per day for each subsequent day ($20 per half day). Also jurors are paid $0.10 per mile for round-trip travel from home to the 14A District Court. Should your employer continue to pay you during jury service, he/she may require you to remit your juror compensation.

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