How can I automatically qualify?

If a member of the household receives Supplemental Security Income (SSI), State Disability Assistance (SDA), cash benefits through the Family Independence Program (FIP) then the applicant is automatically eligible for Weatherization. Receipt of any of these benefits within the previous 3 months makes an applicant eligible. We will need documentation of those benefits, and also documentation of any other income that the applicant may have.

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1. What are the income guidelines for the program?
2. How can I automatically qualify?
3. What type of work can be done and what cannot be done?
4. If I apply and am approved for the Wx program, when would my house be served?
5. Will you replace my windows?
6. Can you replace my roof?
7. Can you replace my furnace or hot water heater?
8. Can you weatherize my home if I am a renter?
9. What about mobile homes?
10. Do you replace refrigerators?
11. My house was weatherized before, can I get Weatherization services again?
12. What information do you need to provide when applying?
13. What is required for income documentation?