Can renters qualify?

Yes, we can weatherize rental units (single family up to a 4 Plex), but we have to have the approval of the landlord.  Note that for duplexes to 4 Plex properties all residents must apply to the program at the same time, though not all residents of the property need to be eligible to receive help.

Note: The Department of Energy Regulations restrict the weatherization of 4 story or larger buildings.

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1. What are the income guidelines for the program?
2. Who can automatically qualify?
3. What type of work can be done and what cannot be done?
4. If I am approved, how long will it take before work on my home will begin?
5. Will you replace my windows?
6. Can you replace my roof?
7. Can you replace my furnace or hot water heater?
8. Can renters qualify?
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11. My home was weatherized in the past, can my home be weatherized again?
12. What information do you need to provide when applying?
13. What is required for income documentation?