What should I bring with me to the park?

Water, and please remember to have your dog(s) license and permit tags visible at all times and that they are current.

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1. Am I responsible for cleaning up after my dog?
2. Can I bring more than one dog to the park?
3. Do I need to be a resident of Ann Arbor/Washtenaw County to obtain a dog park permit?
4. If I observe a problem at the park, what should I do?
5. If my pet is a service dog, do I need to purchase a dog park permit in Ann Arbor?
6. In addition to the new dog park tag my pet will need to display, what else should I have?
7. What are the hours of the dog park?
8. What is a dog park?
9. What should I bring with me to the park?
10. When does my dog have to be on a leash at the park?
11. Who should I contact for information about volunteer opportunities in the dog park?
12. Why is there a fee for the dog park and what will the monies be used for?
13. Will the dog parks be policed or monitored by the Parks and Recreation Services Unit?