Does this model exist in any other communities?

No. This model was created through the efforts of volunteers, coordinated funding partners’ staff, nonprofit agencies, and community leaders over a period of 8 months. It is unique in that private philanthropy and government are working together to respond to the nonprofit landscape across the county.

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1. Does this model exist in any other communities?
2. What types of programs receive funding under this model and for how long?
3. Do the Coordinated Funding partners pool all their resources (public and private funds)?
4. What is the process to apply for program operating funds under the Coordinated Funding model?
5. How and by whom are decisions made for program operating funds regarding who gets funded and at what level?
6. What are the oversight and stewardship processes for those who receive funding?
7. What is meant by “community-wide outcomes” as a benefit of this funding model?
8. Is there a process for restricting funds once an agency has been awarded and for what reasons would this be implemented?
9. Is there a process in place to evaluate the Coordinated Funding model?
10. What has been the response from local agencies?