Judicial Offices


101 E Huron Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48107-8645

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Janovic, Elizabeth Judicial Attorney 734-222-6913  
Judicial Coordinator, Judge Van den Bergh      
Matyjaszek, Marie Judicial Attorney    
Hartwick, Brandi Judicial Coordinator to Honorable Arianne Slay 734-222-3376  
Gallagher, Jim Judicial Attorney    
Slay, Arianne E. Judge   734-222-3376  
Tai, Daniel Judicial Attorney    
Sisson, Julie Judicial Attorney    
Angelocci, Roxanne Judicial Coordinator to Hon. Darlene A. O’Brien 734-222-3006  
Conlin, Patrick J. Judge   734-222-3399  
Connors, Timothy P. Judge   734-222-3361  
Fire, Sherry Judicial Coordinator to Honorable Timothy Connor 734-222-3361  
Killeen, Teresa Judicial Attorney    
Kirk-Malcolm, Lucile Judicial Coordinator to Honorable Julia Owdziej 734-222-3351  
Kuhnke, Carol Judge   734-222-3386  
O'Brien, Darlene A. Judge   734-222-3006  
Owdziej, Julia B. Judge   734-222-3351  
Roberts, Kelly Judicial Attorney    
Spiers-Beeding, Betty Jo Judicial Coordinator to Honorable Carol Kuhnke 734-222-3386  
Streeter, Katherine Judicial Coordinator to Honorable Patrick Conlin 734-222-3399  
Van den Bergh, Tracy Judge   734-222-6911  
Thomas, Kanisha Judicial Coordinator to Hon. Tracy Van den Bergh 734-222-6916