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Posted on: September 3, 2021

Fall Board, Committee, and Commission Public Notice

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The Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners is looking for citizens to volunteer for a slate of positions on various Boards, Committees and Commissions. The Board of Commissioners will make these appointments at its upcoming session on December 1, 2021 at 6:45 p.m. held virtually via Zoom due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  


Individuals interested in applying should submit a letter of interest and resume, including a home address, to the Washtenaw County Clerk’s office, Attention: Appointments, P.O. Box 8645, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48107. Letters and resumes may also be submitted via email to [email protected], via fax (734) 222-6528, or apply online at


Those resumes received by October 29, 2021, will be submitted to the Board of Commissioners for its consideration on December 1, 2021. The appointments will become effective January 1, 2022. These appointments include:



Ø  Agricultural Lands Preservation Advisory Committee – The Board of Commissioners is looking to fill two (2) positions, one (1) representing Real Estate Development Interests and one (1) representing Agricultural Production/Operator Agricultural Business for three-year terms expiring December 31, 2024. The purpose of the Agricultural Lands Preservation Advisory Committee is to assist the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners in determining whether it should purchase the development rights on a particular parcel as well as how much the County should pay for those rights according to the Washtenaw County Purchase of Development Rights Ordinance.


Ø  Area Agency on Aging 1-B Executive Board – The Board of Commissioners is looking to fill one (1) position representing County Older Person, for a two-year term expiring December 31, 2023. The Area Agency on Aging Executive Board assesses the needs of older county residents and develops plans to provide assistance that addresses those identified needs.


Ø  Board of Health – The Board of Commissioners is looking to fill three (3) positions, one (1) representing Academia, one (1) representing Philanthropy, and one (1) representing Health Service Delivery, for three-year terms expiring December 31, 2024. The Board of Health is responsible for developing and overseeing a strategic plan for the Health Department; recommending an annual budget to the Board of Commissioners; and, in cooperation with the County Administrator, regularly evaluating the performance of the Washtenaw County Public Health Officer.


Ø  Board of Public Works – The Board of Commissioners is looking to fill two (2) positions representing the general public for three-year terms expiring on December 31, 2024. The Public Works Board was established in accordance with MCLA 123.732 and focuses on assisting local communities within Washtenaw County in addressing environmental and public health issues and development needs, including wastewater disposal and collection, water treatment and supply, lake management, and solid waste and recycling management.


Ø  Brownfield Redevelopment Authority – The Board of Commissioners is looking to fill three (3) positions representing the general public for three-year terms expiring December 31, 2024. The Brownfield Redevelopment Authority was established in 1999 in conformity with Act 381 of 1996, as amended. The purpose of this Authority is to facilitate the redevelopment of previously developed sites, consistent with the community’s commitment to sustainability and its vision for the future.


Ø  Building Authority – The Board of Commissioners is looking to fill one (1) position representing the Legal Industry for a six-year term expiring December 31, 2027. The purpose of the Building Authority is to acquire, construct, furnish, equip, and renovate buildings and equipment for the use of the County.   


Ø  Community Action Board – The Board of Commissioners is looking to fill six (6) positions as follows: four (4) positions representing the Private Sector; one (1) position representing the Public Sector; and one (1) position representing the Consumer Sector, all for three-year terms expiring December 31, 2024. The Community Action Board was established in 1990 for the purpose of working toward eliminating and preventing the causes of, and alleviating the effects of poverty in Washtenaw County. The Board consists of 15 members who represent three sectors: Consumer (5 positions), Private Sector (5 positions), and Public Sector (5 positions).

Ø  The three sectors of the Community Action Board are explained in further detail below:

o    Consumer Sector: Members of the Consumer Sector shall be representative of limited-income individuals and families in Washtenaw County neighborhoods. Prospective candidates for the Consumer Sector must be nominated or elected by a neighborhood group or other community-based organization. A nomination letter from the nominating entity, which includes the name of the nominee, reasons for choosing this individual, and the process used to select the individual, should be returned to the location listed above with the other requested documents.

o    Public Sector: Members of the Public Sector include elected public officials, or their representatives or members of their staff. Examples include: County Commissioners, Mayor, City Council Members, University trustees or Board of Regents Members, School Board Members, Sheriff, etc. Appointed public officials may also serve as Public Sector board members, and examples include: Appointees to commissions/councils/boards by the Governor, Mayor, or locally elected position/commission/council/board.

o    Private Sector: Members of the Private Sector shall be representatives from any groups or interests in the community served, including the business community, nonprofit sector, education, and other important groups in the community.


Ø  Emergency Communications Millage POC (formerly 800 MHz POC) – The Board of The Board of Commissioners is looking to fill two (2) positions, one (1) representing Fire Departments and one (1) representing Emergency Medical Services for three-year terms expiring December 31, 2024. The Emergency Communications Millage POC acts as a governance structure to oversee the expenditure of the 800 MHz millage funds to ensure the upgraded communication capacity envisioned by the millage is completed in an economical and timely fashion.


Ø  Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Commission – The Board of Commissioners is looking to fill five (5) positions; two (2) representing the Criminal Justice Association, one (1) representing the Michigan Township Association; one (1) representing the Mutual Aid Association; and one (1) representing St. Joseph Hospital. The Washtenaw County Emergency Medical Services Commission serves as an advisory body to the Board of Commissioners on all EMS matters. The Commission conducts public hearings relating to EMS matters when deemed necessary; promulgates and administrates regulations pursuant to Washtenaw County's EMS standards; plans, monitors, and evaluates the EMS system in concert with the Washtenaw-Livingston Medical Control Authority Board; and plans, monitors, and evaluates the pre-hospital aspects of the Washtenaw County Emergency Action Guidelines.


Ø  Emergency Telephone District Board – The Board of Commissioners is looking to fill two (2) positions, one (1) representing Fire Departments, and one (1) representing Superior Township (police).  This board is the governing body created by the board of commissioners of the county or counties with authority over an emergency telephone district as prescribed by the county or counties that created the board. The Emergency Telephone District Board is staffed by the Emergency Services Division on a cost recovery basis, and to be comprised of the Sheriff of the County, a representative of the Michigan State Police appointed by the Director of the Michigan State Police, plus elected officers and/or chief administrative officers in the following distribution: three township representatives to be appointed by the Township Association; one representative each from Manchester and Dexter Village; one representative each from the Cities of Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Saline, Chelsea and Milan; and three Washtenaw County Government representatives appointed by the Board of Commissioners; and the E-9-1-1 Coordinator. 



Ø  Washtenaw County Food Policy Council – The Board of Commissioners is seeking applicants to fill eight (8) positions, all for two-year terms expiring December 31, 2023. The Council will be comprised of up to 18 members representing as many of the following professions and/or viewpoints (i.e. sectors) as possible: Community representative, Economic development, Education, Emergency food system, Faith-based organization, Food manufacturer and distributor, Food retail, Food service, Funding, Health care, Human services, Labor, Nutrition, Planning, Public health, Racial equity, Rural agriculture, Transportation, Urban agriculture, Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners, and Waste Management. More than one representative may be appointed to each sector, but preference may be given to the following sectors: Community representative, Economic development, Food retail, Racial equity, and Rural agriculture. The Council is transitioning to monthly meetings during 2022, however, only attendance at odd month meetings will be required in 2022. Council members will be required to attend monthly meetings in 2023. Council members must be available to attend meetings (typically the second Wednesday of the odd months from 9-11AM), represent the Food Policy Council, participate in a committee and/or a Policy Action Team (meetings are scheduled separately from the Council meetings), and must live or work in Washtenaw County. Roles of Council members include: reviewing materials in advance of the Council meetings and actively participating in Council meetings; representing the Council at other meetings and with other groups to build connections; discussing issues related to our food system in Washtenaw County with elected officials and community leaders. The Food Policy Council was established in 2012 to develop a healthy community and thriving local food system. When writing a letter of interest, indicate which sector you are applying for.


Ø  Historic District Commission – The Board of Commissioners is looking to fill three (3) positions as follows: two (2) representing the General Public and one (1) representing Attorney, all for three-year terms expiring December 31, 2024. The Commission ensures that efforts are made to safeguard the heritage of Washtenaw County by identifying and preserving sites, structures, objects and other resources of historical, cultural, archaeological, economic, political, or architectural significance. The Commission seeks to promote the establishment and use of historic districts, markers and other programs for the education, pleasure and welfare of the people of this county. Individuals who have demonstrated their interest in Washtenaw County's history and their ability to render valuable services in historical and civic matters, especially representatives of educational and civic organizations, are invited to apply.


Ø  Homeland Security Task Force – The Board of Commissioners is seeking to fill one (1) position representing the Michigan Township Association. The Washtenaw County Homeland Security Task Force (also known as the Local Planning Team or LPT) was created by the Board of Commissioners to coordinate all county homeland security activities with federal, state, and local governments; assess terrorism risks, response capabilities and needed improvements; develop community guidance and emergency response procedures; and recommend to the Board of Commissioners about utilization of federal and state homeland security grant funds.



Ø  Local Emergency Planning Committee – The Board of Commissioners is looking to fill eight (8) positions representing the following: one (1) Law Enforcement; one (1) Local Environment; one (1) Elected State; one (1) Elected Local; two (2) Owner/Operator of Title III Facility; one (1) Agricultural (Farm Bureau); one (1) Broadcast Media, all for three-year terms expiring December 31, 2024. The Local Emergency Planning Committee was established in 1986, to serve as an emergency planning district under Title III of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986. The purpose of this committee is to report on hazardous and toxic chemicals in the community as it pertains to the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986. The committee meets on a quarterly basis.


Ø  Natural Areas Technical Advisory Committee – The Board of Commissioners is seeking qualified applicants to fill three (3) positions as follows: one (1) representing Land Trust/Conservation, one (1) representing Professional Real Estate or Development Practice; and one (1) representing Environmental Education, all for two-year terms expiring December 31, 2023. The Natural Areas Technical Advisory Committee was established as an advisory body to assist the Parks and Recreation Commission in prioritizing natural areas nominated by property owners for the Washtenaw County Natural Areas Preservation Program. Applicants must be residents of Washtenaw County.


Ø  Police Services Steering Committee – The Board of Commissioners is looking to fill two (2) positions, one (1) representing Supervisor of a non-contracting jurisdiction, and one (1) representing the Village of Manchester. The Police Services Steering Committee (PSSC) was established by the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners April 19, 2006, providing a forum for County officials, the Sheriff, and local officials to discuss issues pertaining to the price of contract policing as well as what County-wide police services the County should provide.


Ø  River Raisin Watershed Council – The Board of Commissioners is looking to fill two (2) positions as follows: one (1) BOC Designee and one (1) BOC Designee Alternate, both for two-year terms expiring December 31, 2021. The Council was established in 1994 to promote cooperation among local units of government in river management. 





For additional information, please contact Washtenaw County Clerk’s Office.  Phone: (734) 222-6655.


RELEASED: September 3, 2021

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