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January 31, 2022 4:24 PM

You can complete most of your Trial Court business electronically or by phone

Friend of the Court support staff may be reached at (734) 222-3050.
Court Services support staff may be reached at (734) 222-3001.

The Trial Court building is currently open. The public is encouraged to use alternative methods to complete business to limit traffic in the building.

Filings may be submitted to the court in the follow manner:

Civil, Domestic and Name Changes - Mandatory e-filing for attorneys. Self-represented litigants may e-file, mail or email filings to [email protected]

PPOs - Emailed to [email protected]

Criminal, Juvenile, Probate, Mental Health and Appeals - Emailed to [email protected] (or by mail)

FOC filings - Emailed to [email protected] (or by mail)

Drop Box - Located at the front door for filing any documents not required to be e-filed by attorneys

In person – All filings may be submitted in-person at the service counters

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