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New Business


A. Public Safety & Justice

1. Sheriff – Emergency Services

a. Emergency Management Performance Grant

- Authorizing the signature of the Chair of the Board on the Work Agreement
- Authorizing the signature of the County Administrator on the Budget Agreement
- To the Michigan State Police Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division
- For the period of October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2019

- For pass-through funds from the Department of Homeland Security to support County Emergency Services operations

- In an amount up to $ 87,999, or 50% of eligible expenditures
- State Revenue: $ 87,999
- County Revenue: $0

- Eligible expenses are the salary and fringes of the Emergency Services Director
- Revenue is included in the 2019 General Fund Budget
- For FY 2018, an award of  $61,429 is projected, which is roughly 36% of eligible expenses

- Indirect costs are not included in this grant

- Upon receipt of the award:
- Authorizing the Administrator to sign the Notice of Grant Award
- Authorizing the Administrator to sign delegate contracts



B. Health

1. Health

a. KaBooom! Play Everywhere Challenge Grant

- Ratifying the signature of the Administrator on the grant application
- To the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation
- For the period of August 13, 2018 through August 13, 2019
- In the amount of $79,163

- To provide financial support for interactive playspace, health-promoting features, and improved wayfinding at the Washtenaw County Human Services building in Ypsilanti 
- To transform public space and advance the shared vision of a healthy, equitable, and active community 

- The KaBoom! Play everywhere Challenge grant funded by the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation is a call for ideas designed to help uncover the best replicable, scalable innovations in city redevelopment that will make play easy, available and fun for those who need it most

- The space will be called Play Here: Play Together, and includes two concepts: play features and interactive sidewalks
- Vibrant, easy to read signage is proposed for both routes of entry to the complex and will help guide visitors and encourage play breaks
- Proposed play features include accessible equipment, a farm stand, sensory play center, musical instruments, multilingual panels, and a fruit and vegetable “hidden picture” game
- The site transformation will provide positive changes for community members and staff, and encourage community members to think about public services and space more equitably 

- For a total program cost of $79,163
- Grant Revenue: $74,000
- In Kind Revenue: $5,163

RECOMMENDATION: Approval at Board

2. Community Mental Health

a. Community Mental Health Advisory Committee (CMHAC): Millage Advisory Plan Recommendations

- Approving the recommendations for the CMHAC Millage Action Plan

- To utilize millage resources to provide improved access and more effective mental health care within the community 

- Per the Policy Ordinance that was approved on November 7, 2017, the Board of Commissioners created and appointed, with recommendation of the Washtenaw County Community Mental Health Board, a sixteen member body named the Community Mental Health Advisory Committee (CMHAC) to identify the needs of service recipients and develop detailed, well informed recommendations
- CMHAC’s vision was for Washtenaw County to have a comprehensive, integrated system of care in place through efforts in three key areas: 
- Plan & Integrate
- Expand Services
- Evaluate & Communicate
- Millage resources will be used in a manner affecting four broad areas of mental health services
- Prevention
- Crisis
- Stabilization
- Jail Services

- The CMHAC Advisory Plan will be presented annually to CMH board and to the Board of Commissioners for recommendation and approval



C. Land Use & Environment

1. Water Resources

a. Miller Creek Stream Restoration Grant

- Authorizing the submission of the grant application
- To the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Water Resources Division
- For the period of October 1, 2019 through December 31, 2021

- To reduce nonpoint source pollution in the Huron River through erosion control work within the Miller Creek creeksheed, in coordination with the City of Ann Arbor

- In an amount up to $612,987
- State Revenue: $ 399,355
- Local Revenue: $ 200,000
- In-Kind Revenue: $ 13,632
- County Revenue: $0

- Local Revenues will be in the form of special assessments to the City of Ann Arbor ‘at large” drainage district, which will be repaid with funds raised through the City’s Stormwater Utility fees, meaning there will be no new assessments as a result of this action.
- In-Kind revenues will be in the form of staff time contributed to the project by existing Water Resources employees.
- Indirect costs of $3,696 are included in the application

- Upon receipt of the award:
- Authorizing the Administrator to sign the Notice of Grant Award
- Amending the Budget
- Authorizing the Administrator to sign delegate contracts



D. Support Services

1. Infrastructure Management

a. External Investigative Report Request Service Fee

- Amending the Enhanced Access to Public Records policy to establish a service fee for external investigative report requests

- To provide a program that can be accessed by external County resources with required Security features by creating a database for records
- To remove the burden from District Court clerks to provide requested information
- To provide a revenue stream to support current operations

- Currently report requests are filled by District Court staff, but increased requests as well as IT security requirements have created additional burdens that makes the current model unsustainable

- The fee will be established at $5 per report request split half to IT and half to District Court 
- It is estimated that this will generate $40,300 in the first year


2. Finance

a. 2018 County Millage Rate for Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority

- Setting the 2018 County Millage Rate Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority (HCMA)



E. County Administrator

a. 2019-22 Quadrennial Recommended Budget 


b. Platt Road Placeholder

- Authorizing two Purchase Agreements for the redevelopment of the County-owned Platt Road with the following:
- Avalon Nonprofit Housing Corporation


c. BOC Compensation 

- Approving the recommendations to adjust the Board of Commissioners’ salaries



Report of the Administrator


Report of the Chair of Ways and Means


Report of the Chair of the Board


Items for Current/Future Discussion





Next Ways & Means Meeting
[October 3, 2018]
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