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A. Health

1. Health Department

a. Appointing the Acting Medical Director 

- To ratify the appointment of Dr. Juan Luis S Marquez MD MPH as the Washtenaw County Health Department Acting Medical Director effective July 1, 2019

- Pursuant to Michigan Public Health Code, PA 368 of 1978 requires all local health departments to have a Medical Director
- State Administrative Rules (325.13001, 325.13002, and 325.13004) sets the qualifications for a Medical Director and requires the Medical Director be full-time in counties with a population greater than 150,000 
- The current University of Michigan Medical Director contract expires July 10, 2019 
- As such, effective June 30, 2019 the Washtenaw County Health Department Medical Director position under contract with the University of Michigan will be vacant

- State Administrative Rules require the following qualifications:
- A physician licensed in Michigan as an MD or DO and one of the following:
Board certification in preventative medicine or public health;
Possess an MPH or MSPHH degree and not less than two years of full-time public health practice;
Not less than three years of full-time public health practice and 24 graduate credits acceptable toward a public health degree
- Dr. Marquez is a licensed MD in the State of Michigan and possesses an MPH with two years of public health practice
- Additionally, as a 2018 Detroit Albert Schweitzer Fellow, Dr. Marquez worked with the Washtenaw County Health Department to conduct a needs assessment related to opioid use disorders

- It is anticipated that the permanent Medical Director position will be filled in the next six to twelve months
- Pursuant to State Administrative Rule (325.13008), the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services approved the appointment on June 19, 2019 

- Costs for the temporary appointment would be covered through the Health Department budget

RECOMMENDATION: Approval at Board


B. Public Safety

1. Sheriff

a. Reclassify Re-Entry Case Manager to Re-Entry Coordinator 

- To ratify the reclassification of the 
- Mental Health/Police Services Millage Re-Entry Case Manager Position
- To Re-Entry Coordinator

- Re-entry activities will be extensive and occur across a variety of organizations
- A Coordinator is needed to oversee and direct the work of service providers and other team members as it related to discharge planning for the jail.
- This Coordinator position was created as a Case Manager as part of the four year budget process
- Upon review of the job description, the Sheriff’s Office has determined that this position should be reclassified due to the following:
- This position was created at a lower-than-intended grade. During the millage planning discussion, this position was budgeted as grade 30. 
- A higher grade will attract a larger pool of qualified applicants and aid in talent retention. 
- This position is at a higher level when coordinating services and team members as reentry services have become a vital part of the Sheriff’s Office mission. Over the last 3 years the Sheriff’s Office has established partnerships with local service providers and educators to develop and implement a solid reentry program within the jail, as well as transition planning into the community. Each of our core partnerships have allocated resources and staff to help provide services to inmates and returning citizens. A team representing Mental Health, Substance Use, Education/Employment, Mentoring, Community Engagement, and Corrections work together to create a discharge plan for all sentenced individuals released from the jail. These plans include areas of identified need and support and can include housing, education, employment, continued treatment services, and mentoring in the community. 
- The Reentry Coordinator will be responsible for finalizing all discharge plans and coordinating the services and plans of all our community partners. This new role will also allow for the coordination of plans into the community.
- This change will position the Sheriff’s Office to take the necessary steps to enhance and develop reentry service delivery.

- Eliminate 1.0 FTE:
- 1.0 FTE CC Re-Entry Case Services Manager
Group: 8100, Grade 27
Salary Range: $38,697 - $51,693

- Create the following 1.0 FTE:
- 1.0 FTE Re-Entry Services Coordinator
Group: 8100, Grade 30
Salary Range: $52,657 - $74,948

- There will be no impact on the general fund budget as this position is to be paid by millage dollars

RECOMMENDATION: Approval at Board


C. Land Use & Environment

1. Water Resources

a. 2017 Solid Waste Plan - Plan Implementation Bylaws and Charter Amendment

- To pass a resolution approving the
- Plan Implementation Advisory Committee Bylaws and
- Amending the Charter for the 
- Plan Implementation Advisory Committee

- The PIAC was created to provide input, guidance, suggestions, recommendations, direction, technical advice, review and prioritize programs and projects, evaluate financial and staffing resources, and develop appropriate strategy implementation of the 2017 Solid Waste Plan.
- The PIAC Charter stipulates that the committee will have bylaws
- Upon creation and further review of the PIAC bylaws, Washtenaw County Legal Counsel has recommended changes to the bylaws and the charter.

- The amended Charter alters the membership requirements to allow the committee to operate in the case where fewer than the stipulated membership is able to be recruited
- The PIAC bylaws add clarity concerning expectations for operations and members

RECOMMENDATION: Approval at Board

b. Resolution Ratifying Grant Application to National Fish and Wildlife Foundation  

- To ratify the submission of a grant application to
- The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation – Southeast Michigan
- Resilience Fund 2018 for $76,060.99

- Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation has committed $250,000 to developing a skate park in Ypsilanti Community Center Park in collaboration with the Tony Hawk Foundation & Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation.
- This grant would support the existing collaboration by funding the skateparks stormwater management system and employ green infrastructure

- The grant would allow construction of up to 8,000 square feet of green infrastructure
- The facility will capture runoff for all storms up to the 100 year (or 1%) event, with a 194,340 gallon treatment capacity
- Skaters from the local area will be engaged in design and will be organized to participate in maintenance and cleanup days

- Upon receipt of the award: 
- Authorizing the Administrator to sign the Notice of Grant Award
- Approving the budget
- Authorizing the Administrator to sign delegate contracts

RECOMMENDATION: Approval at Board

c. SEMCOG Grant  

- To ratify the submission of a grant application to the
- Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG)
- Planning Assistance Program Grant 
- In the total amount of $40,925

- Paint Creek is a former and potential trout stream
- The project plan consists of enhancing riparian corridors and aquatic habitat, improving stormwater volume and flow management, and implementing projects to benefit the public interest including water quality, flood management, habitat improvement and quality of life, physical activity and public education. 
- The project is consistent with the CMI approved watershed plan to restore the cold water fishery in Paint Creek and implement Low Impact Development Practices, restore eroding stream banks and increase public awareness of the watershed

- In addition to the $40,925 of Federal Funding, the Water Resources Commissioner, through various drainage districts, will provide 18.15% match through Staff time equaling $9,075

- Upon receipt of the award: 
- Authorizing the Administrator to sign the Notice of Grant Award
- Approving the budget
- Authorizing the Administrator to sign delegate contracts

RECOMMENDATION: Approval at Board


Report of the Administrator


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