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A. Civic Infrastructure

1. Building Inspection

a. Civil Infraction Ordinance 

- Adopt an Ordinance to provide for issuance of municipal civil infractions for violations of the State of Michigan Construction Code Act
- Establish the Municipal Civil Infractions Violations Bureau as the Washtenaw County Building Inspection Department
- Provide an effective date for the Ordinance

- To increase enforcement of County Ordinances
- Streamline enforcement of the State of Michigan Building Code
- Increase public safety and reduce costs through enforcement

- Washtenaw County Building Inspection Department is an Enterprise Fund and does not impact the general fund in any way.


b. Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector Position Creation 

- Approval of creation of new grade 30 Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector Position

- Current Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector is planning to retire by 12/31/2019
- Current Position is .6 FTE permanent part time but was previously full time
- Due to increases in volume of permits and inspections there is a need to create a full time position to better serve citizens and contractors  
- Creation of new position will allow for inspections to occur five days per week and more frequent access to inspector for code issues

- Eliminate the following 0.6 FTE: 
- 0.6 FTE Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector
Group 1100, Grade 30
Salary Range: $58,294 - $77,066
- Create the following 1.0FTE:
- 1.0 FTE Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector
Group 1100, Grade 30
Salary Range: $58,294 - $77,066
- Net budget increase of $27,218
- Overlap time expected between 2 positions, will be used for training purposes
- Increased costs are expected to be covered by current year revenue surplus or fund balance, if needed

- Position creation will not impact County budget as Building Inspection is a special revenue fund. Building Inspection current operations can absorb this increase.



B. Public Safety and Justice

1. Public Defender

a. Michigan Indigent Defense (MIDC) Contract, Budget Amendment, and Position Creations 

- Ratifying the signature of the County Administrator on the MIDC Contract;  
- Approving the budget amendment to the MIDC Fund
- Approving the position modifications 
- To the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission 
- For the period of October 1 2018 through September 30, 2019

- To implement changes in the Washtenaw County Indigent Defense System which bring the system into compliance with the first 4 approved minimum standards issued by the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission
- Adequate education and training of Defense Counsel
- Sufficient time and space for an initial interview with each client
- Access to investigative resources and expert witnesses
- The presence of counsel at first appearance and other critical stages

- The grant and compliance plan were previously approved by the Board of Commissioners on November 15, 2017 and again on July 11, 2018 when a revision was submitted
- As functions of the new program were developed the contract took longer than anticipated, however an agreement has been reached and the department is ready to proceed with the program 

- Approving the budget amendment to the MIDC Fund 
- Includes MIDC State Share Revenue of -  $1,462,463
- Includes Transfers In of - $3,229,010
- Total Program cost -  $ 4,691,473

- All Public Defender activities will be shifting to the MIDC fund 1900
- There are no new General Fund Revenues included in this budget; all have been approved through prior board action

- Create the following 8.0 FTE:
- 1.0 FTE Deputy Public Defender
Group 4100, Grade 33
Salary Range: $ - $70,959 - $108,819 
- 1.0 FTE First Assistant Public Defender
Group 6100 Grade 34
Salary Range: $70,402 - $99,522
- 1.0 FTE Assistant Public Defender I/II/II
Group 6100, Grade 28/30/32
Salary Range: $55,676 - $91,540
- 3.0 FTE Legal Clerk
Group 1100 Grade 16
Salary Range: $34,961 - $43,144
- 1.0 FTE Social Worker
Group 1000 Grade 22
Salary Range: $43,144 - $56,115
- 1.0 FTE Management Analyst I/II
Group 4100 Grade 27/29
Salary Range: $39,464 - $66,733


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Next Ways & Means Meeting
[May 15, 2019]
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