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A. Support Services

1. Risk Management

a. Sick Time Donation Policy

- Adopting a policy that governs Sick Time Donations to or from County Employees 

- To affirm Washtenaw County’s commitment to abide by all provisions of FMLA, except where existing union contracts or Washtenaw County Policies & Procedures exceed those provided by the Act, in which case contracts/policies and procedures will be followed
- To clarify the intent of sick leave donations is to support employees eligible for continuous ongoing leave under FMLA with an option for paid time off in excess  of their available paid leave banks 
- To clarify who is eligible to donate sick time
- To clarify who may request sick time donations 

- Washtenaw County provides its employees with benefits inclusive of sick time to assist in covering time off for health/medical needs. 
- Washtenaw County Human Resources is responsible for the oversight of employee leaves and adherence to the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).
- Current practice has informally allowed employees with large sick banks to donate a portion of their sick time to employees experiencing hardship due to unpaid leave.
- There is currently no county policy or procedure addressing Sick Time Donation and departments have expressed concern about the lack of formal procedures and the impact of current practice on departmental operations



B. Board of Commissioners

  a. Board of Commissioners’ Rules and Regulations

- Amending Board of Commissioners’ Rules and Regulations

- To remove the Report of the Chair of the Board of Commissioners from the consent agenda to a standalone agenda item

- At its January 9, 2019 organizational meeting, the Board of Commissioners amended their Rules and Regulations to include a consent agenda  
- The purpose of a consent agenda is to allow for a group of pro-forma type actions (such as approving minutes, receiving and filing communications, and accepting and filing various reports) to be moved, seconded, and voted on as one, rather than individually approving each item
- The Report of the Chair of the Board of Commissioners is not a pro-forma item as it allows for the Chair of the Board—at the Chair’s discretion—to discuss an item the Chair feels is important for the entire Board to hear

RECOMMENDATION: Approval at Board 

b. Rutherford Pool Bathhouse Renovation Community Fundraising Campaign

- Appropriate $5,000 to the Friends of the Rutherford Pool

- To support the Bathhouse Renovation Community Fundraising Campaign

- Rutherford Pool is a seasonal, outdoor community pool in Ypsilanti— located in Recreation Park—that serves roughly 20,000 summer visitors, 70% of whom are children and youth
- Friends of Rutherford Pool, a non-profit organization, has managed the upkeep and daily management of the pool since the early 2000s
- A previous capital campaign led by the nonprofit raised $1 million dollars to rebuild and reopen the pool following its closure from 2011 to 2014 due to significant maintenance needs
- The current campaign will support wall and floor repairs, painting, improving lighting, and electrical and mechanical system repairs at the pool’s bathhouse

RECOMMENDATION: Approval at Board 


Report of the Administrator


Report of the Chair of Ways and Means


Report of the Chair of the Board


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Next Ways & Means Meeting
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