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A. Health

1. Health Department

a. Washtenaw County Health Department Plan of Organization

- Approving the submission of the Health Department Plan of Organization
- Authorizing the Chair of the Board to sign the Plan of Organization Approval Form

- To participate in the Michigan Department of Health & Human Service’s (MDHHS) accreditation process

- Since 2004, the MDHHS requires the adoption of a local health department Plan of Organization that is approved by the local health department’s governing body 
- This is a separate process from the Public Health Accreditation Board National accreditation process undergone in 2015
- MDHHS requires the Plan of Organization be submitted once every three years and includes:
- Legal Responsibilities and Authority
- Local Health Department Organization
- Mission, Vision, and Values
- Local Planning and Collaboration Initiatives
- Service Delivery
- Reporting and Evaluation
- Health Officer and Medical Director approval procedures

- The Washtenaw County Board of Health reviewed and unanimously approved the Plan of Organization at its meeting on January 25, 2019. 



B. Economic Development

1. Office of Community and Economic Development

a. Approval of the 2019 Calendar Year Entitlement and Formula Grant Funding

- Authorizing the signature of the Chair of the Board or the County Administrator on all formula and entitlement grants awarded to the Office of Community and Economic Development

- Resolution does not constitute approval of awards with the following characteristics:
- Award is competitive in nature
- Award amount is not based on pre-established federal or state funding formulas or entitlement formulas
- The award is new, and has not been awarded to or administered by OCED in the past
- Receipt of the award would necessitate a county general fund appropriation in excess of the amount approved by the BOC in the budget
- Receipt of the award would necessitate a change in OCED position control

- Requires OCED to present the Board with biennial updates on the status and community impacts of grants awarded to the Department throughout the year
- Requires OCED to present an annual report of anticipated grant funds for Board approval and prohibits budgets from being loaded until a grant award is received

- Upon receipt of award:
- Authorizing the County Administrator to sign the Memorandum of Understanding
- Authorizing the County Administrator to amend the budget
- Authorizing the County Administrator to sign delegate contracts 



C. Land Use and Environment

1. Water Resources

a. Resolution Authorizing Expenditure in Excess of $10,000 for Repair of the Four Mile Lake Level

- Approving resolution to authorize Water Resources Commissioner to exceed $10,000 annual maintenance limit 
- For an estimated 10 year period beginning in 2020 - 2029

- To complete maintenance and repair work required on the Four Mile Lake Level
- To permanently repair the breach on Four Mile Lake
- To restore the elevation outlet structure to working condition
- To assess the need for a pump on Dexter #3 Drain

- Part 307 of the Michigan Environmental Code Section 30722(4) requires Board of Commissioners approval to authorize annual dam maintenance expenditures exceeding $10,000
- Due to pump deficiencies and inability to maintain legal lake elevation, Water Resources is proposing to engage FTC & H Engineering to prepare plans & specifications for needed repairs.
- Request for Proposal process was completed 12/14/2018
- Estimated cost $94,585.00
- Special assessment for project is expected to be spread over 10 years (2020 – 2029)



D. Public Safety and Justice

1. Sheriff

a. Scio Township Police Services Contract – Increase PSU

- Authorizing the signature of the County Administrator on the contract amendment
- With Scio Township
- Beginning 1/6/2019

- To increase Scio Township PSUs by 1 PSU for a total of 9 PSUs
- To address additional service needs in Scio Township
- The PSU will be filled by removing a position from Hold Vacant

- For a total revenue and expenditure increase of $160, 650 in 2019 and 2020, increasing to $163,060 in 2021 and $165,506 in 2022
- Indirect costs will increase slightly overtime due to an additional FTE but will be covered by increased revenue into the General Fund



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