Border-to-Border Trail (B2B) Projects

B2B Project Planning

The Border-to-Border Trail (B2B) is the product of an ongoing collaboration of communities and organizations who are dedicated to safe, accessible, shared-use, non-motorized recreation and transportation. For implementation purposes, the trail has been broken down into corridors and segments. These segments are in various stages of planning, design or construction, either directly by Washtenaw County Parks or in partnership with other municipalities and organizations. This page highlights some of the most active segments or components of the B2B that are in process.

Dexter to Ann Arbor Corridor

Dexter-Huron Metropark to Zeeb Road

Updated 12/10/18
This project is 1.2 miles long and includes two pedestrian bridges over the Huron River. The project is scheduled to begin construction in early 2019 and should be completed by year's end.

Zeeb Road to Wagner Road Engineering

Updated 12/10/18
A public meeting was held on February 1, 2018 to discuss the plans and alignment options and another will be scheduled for early 2019. Throughout 2018, WCPARC has been working on background research and environmental investigations prior to final engineering, which is anticipated to begin in early 2019. The trail is proposed on the south side of Huron River Drive. Trees in the project area have been tagged as part of the survey process. These tree tags are for inventory purposes only and do not indicate tree removal.

Barton-Bandemer Connection Feasibility Study

Updated 12/10/18
Washtenaw County Parks and the City of Ann Arbor have hired an engineering firm to perform a feasibility study to construct a pedestrian and non-motorized tunnel underneath the MDOT railroad at the north end of Bandemer Park. Additionally, the team will explore options for routing the trail through Barton Nature Area to connect to the parking lot south of Barton Dam, approximately 0.6 miles. Watch for public input opportunities.

Master Plan: Dexter to Ann Arbor

In 2016, Washtenaw County Parks with the help of a consultant team, completed a Master Plan (PDF) for the B2B between Dexter and Ann Arbor (7.17 miles). The plan serves as a guiding document for detailed design and engineering and will involve a great deal of coordination with many agencies, municipalities, and organizations. All public comments (PDF) that were received on the Master Plan draft are available for viewing.

Dexter to Chelsea Corridor 

Freer Road to Lima Center Road

Updated 12/10/18
Under Construction! 2.1 miles in length, this project began construction in November and is anticipated to be open in mid 2019.

City of Dexter to Parker Road Alignment Study

Updated 4/13/18
A consultant team will be exploring various route options for the trail to connect from Mill Creek Park in Dexter to the planned connection point near the intersection of Wylie Road and Dexter-Chelsea Road. Stay tuned for public input opportunities.

Lima Center Road to Parker Road Alignment Study

Updated 4/13/18
Staff and a consultant team are exploring various route options for the trail between Lima Center Road and Parker Road. Stay tuned for public input opportunities.

Chelsea to Stockbridge Corridor

Werkner Road at M-52 to the Green Lake Campground

Updated 12/10/18
2.6 miles open for use! Please park along the Green Lake Campground access road (DNR Recreation Passport required) or in the City of Chelsea's Veteran's Park. The project will be finalized in 2019 with some additional signs and landscaping. Please note that this section does not receive winter maintenance.

Green Lake Campground to North Territorial Road at M-52

Updated 12/10/18
This project is 2.1 miles long and is in the final stages of engineering. It is anticipated to be under construction in 2019.

Ypsilanti Area

Master Plan

Updated 12/10/18

WCPARC is finalizing a planning process to determine the long-term plan for how to best route, sign, and improve the trail in the Ypsilanti area. This project includes coordinating a connection with Wayne County. Public engagement sessions were held on March 27 and 29, 2018.

The Northwest Passage: Hudson Mills to Lakelands Trail

Alternatives Analysis and Feasibility Studies

Updated 4/13/18
Washtenaw County Parks is working with the Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority (HCMA), Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative (HWPI), Livingston County officials, and other agencies to determine a potential trail route that would continue the B2B from Hudson Mills Metropark, north to the Lakelands Trail.

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