Civil Jurisdiction

Civil Jurisdiction includes:

Note: You can file a civil claim in the District Court where the defendant resides, or where the alleged action occurred. All cases are heard at two locations - 14A-1 Pittsfield Township or 14A-4 Saline.

Geographic Divisions for Civil Jurisdiction

14A Civil Docket Changes

  • All Landlord Tenant Cases will be held at the 14A-1 Service Center on Fridays. This includes Landlord Tenant motions and hearings. These cases will continue to be presided over by Judge J. Cedric Simpson.
  • All General Civil Hearings will be held at 14A-4 in Saline every other Thursday, twice a month, beginning January 7th. This includes General Civil pretrials and motions. These cases will be presided over by Judge Kirk W Tabbey.


Please pay attention to your notices to determine where your hearing is being held. Filing of cases will not change. Please continue to file cases according to the jurisdictions listed below:

  • 14A-1 Service Center
    • Ann Arbor Township
    • Augusta Township
    • Pittsfield Township
    • Salem Township
    • Superior Township
    • Village of Barton Hills
    • Ypsilanti City
  • 14A-4 Saline
    • Bridgewater Township 
    • Saline City
    • Chelsea City 
    • Saline Township
    • Dexter Township 
    • Dexter City
    • Scio Township
    • Freedom Township 
    • Sharon Township
    • Lima Township 
    • Sylvan Township
    • Lodi Township 
    • Lyndon Township 
    • Village of Manchester
    • Manchester Township 
    • Webster Township
    • Milan City 
    • York Township
    • Northfield Township

Filing Locations

While you can file your paperwork at any of our four locations, the two courts that hear civil cases are 14-1 and 14-4. Please refer to the table when deciding where to file your paperwork, by filing your paperwork at another location, you may delay the time it takes to get it processed.


Hearing Location
Ann Arbor Township
14A-1, Pittsfield Township
Augusta Township
14A-1, Pittsfield Township
Bridgewater Township
14A-4, Saline
Chelsea City
14A-4, Saline
Dexter Township
14A-4, Saline
Freedom Township
14A-4, Saline
Lima Township
14A-4, Saline
Lodi Township
14A-4, Saline
Lyndon Township
14A-4, Saline
Manchester Township
14A-4, Saline
Milan City
14A-4, Saline
Northfield Township
14A-4, Saline
Pittsfield Township
14A-1, Pittsfield Township
Salem Township
14A-1, Pittsfield Township
Saline City
14A-4, Saline
Saline Township
14A-4, Saline
Scio Township
14A-4, Saline
Sharon Twp
14A-4, Saline
Superior Township
14A-1, Pittsfield Township
Sylvan Township
14A-4, Saline
Village of Barton Hills
14A-1, Pittsfield Township
Dexter City
14A-4, Saline
Village of Manchester
14A-4, Saline
Webster Township
14A-4, Saline
York Township
14A-4, Saline
Ypsilanti City
14A-1, Pittsfield Township


Filing of Garnishments, Writs of Restitution and Discovery Subpoenas are $15 each. Service fees are additional and vary depending on type of service.