Let Nature Be The Classroom!

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We offer a wide range of nature field trips for various grade levels. Some, but not all programs can be adjusted to accommodate different age groups, length of time, locations, and multiple classrooms. We can even do some programs in the winter. 

Unable to visit one of our locations? Ask us about possibly bringing a nature lesson to the classroom. 

Don't see a program that fits your needs? Let us know, and we can create a program just for your class! 


Kelsey Dehring (she, her, hers)
Parks Naturalist
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Phone: 734-971-6337, ext 330

Shawn Severance (she, her, hers)
Parks Naturalist
Email Shawn
Phone: 734-971-6337, ext 335

Elle Bogle (she, her, hers)
Parks Naturalist
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Programs We Offer

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  1. Animal Life Cycles
  2. The World of Insects
  3. Geology Rocks!
  4. Glacial Geology
  5. Michigan Mammals
  6. Nature & Earth Science

Animal Life Cycles – Frogs and Pond Life

Age: K – 2nd grade

Season: Spring

Length: 1 – 1.5 hours

Location:  Independence Lake or Rolling Hills

Description: Spring has begun and the pond is exploding with life! Discover the amazing process of an amphibian’s life cycle, and learn about creatures that call the pond home by using nets to dip into the pond. All creatures will be released at end of program. 

  1. Pioneer Day
  2. Grist Mill & Log Cabin Tour
  3. Signs of Fall
  4. Signs of Spring
  5. Water in Our World
  6. Wilderness Survival

Pioneer Day 

Age: K – 3rd grade

Season: May – October

Length: 3.5 hours (includes snack/lunch break)

Location:  Parker Mill

Description: Learn about how the pioneers lived by touring an operational grist mill, doing chores in a one – room log cabin built by the Parker Family, and taking a nature hike to learn about the wild plants and animals that would have provided food and medicine for the Parker Family.  Optional – learn to cook over an open campfire.


Curious to know more about the locations we host some of our programs at? For a brief summary of our most popular parks and preserves, please visit our Field Trip Locations page to see what other amenities each location has to offer!

Request Form

If you would like to set up a nature program please fill out a Program Request Form. One of our Naturalists will be in touch to finalize details.