Chain of Lakes Weed Control Activities

This page has information and maps showing aquatic weed control and lake improvement activities and locations. The data on this page will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.

Ripples follow a mallard duck swimming on lake

Weed Control 

On the Huron River Chain of Lakes, aquatic invasive species are controlled by mechanical harvesting and the application of chemicals used for treating aquatic nuisance plants and/or algae.

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A Guide to Using This Page

Below you can find the Treatment Maps for the lakes, canals and/or connectors on the Huron River Chain of Lakes. On each map, you will find GPS waypoints. These waypoints are reference numbers to help locate specific locations on a map. If you have an area of concern please provide your nearest GPS waypoint number or the location address. This will allow us to more effectively locate the concerned area.

Please reference these maps and the Aquatic Services online calendar below for herbicide treatment areas and the dates of application.

Aquatic Plant Survey Maps

All Chain of Lakes Survey Maps

2020 Lake Maps - Treatments & Harvesting

Baseline Lake

Baseline-Portage Connector

Gallagher Island Canals & Connector

Gallagher Lake

Little Portage Lake

Long (Loon) Lake

Portage Lake

Strawberry-Gallagher-Long Connector

Strawberry Lake

Tamarack Connector

Tamarack Lake

Whitewood Lake

Zukey Lake