Foster Grandparent Program

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The Foster Grandparent Program offers a unique opportunity for income-eligible seniors to provide educational support and mentorship to youth in school and daycare settings throughout the county. Volunteers receive a financial stipend, training, and professional development to better understand the needs of youth that they work with. 

Since 1965 the Foster Grandparent Program has provided valuable aid to children and youth with special needs nationally. The program started in 1968 in Washtenaw County, and every year since then, Foster Grandparents have been role models, mentors, and friends. Grandparents serve locally at schools, day care and Head Start centers, and other youth facilities. Foster Grandparents help children learn to read, provide on-on-one tutoring, and guide children at a critical time in their lives. Put simply, they give the kind of comfort and love that sets a child on the path towards a successful future.

What Foster Grandparents Do

  • Provide multi-generational mentorship and support to local youth
  • Provide volunteer service that addresses community needs
  • Create meaningful relationships that support special-needs children to thrive in their setting
  • Produce opportunities for our volunteers to feel fulfilled in their service

Foster Grandparents serve 20 hours a week and are matched up with volunteer stations according to their interests, community needs and distance between the volunteer station and the volunteer's home. Once the location is set, Volunteers are then matched with youth that need extra support. Grandparents engage them in activities that develop literacy, provide emotional support and serve as a role model.

Program Benefits for Volunteers

  • Receive a tax-free stipend for their participation
  • Transportation assistance and lunches provided
  • Training and uniforms provided
  • Increased sense of purpose and social engagement
  • Increased health benefits

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Foster Grandparent Advisory Board

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