Financial Studies

Reports and case studies focused on the financial analysis and economic impact of green infrastructure stormwater management solutions on private property in Michigan and Nationally.

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Developers Go Green for Suburban Stormwater Management: Green infrastructure can translate to lower costs  and greater profits - Stormwater | Feb 2014

Article highlights various subdivision developments that are examples of how green infrastructure can significantly reduce a developer’s costs while increasing profits.  Several of these case studies were included in a larger EPA comparative study estimating the savings developers realized when using green infrastructure over conventional systems.  Available at

"Consumers like the idea that they live in a green community.  Not everyone gets the science behind green stormwater management, but they get the walking trails, trees, and open spaces" 

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Exploring New Partners to Green Our Urban Landscapes: Making the business case for green infrastructure investments - Stormwater | May 2014

Discussion of how green infrastructure is increasingly recognized as cost competitive and even profitable stormwater management practice for commercial developers and property owners that offers a return on investment.  The role of local government incentives and regulation in supporting the expansion and growth of developer implementation of GI is also explored. Available at

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The Green Edge: How Commercial Property Investment in Green Infrastructure Creates Value - NRDC Report | Dec 2013

Exploration of how various green infrastructure practices can help advance the bottom line for the commercial real estate sector with illustrative examples for specific building types and key findings from a wide range of published research.  This report also describes the types and potential magnitude of benefits that commercial property owners can reap from green infrastructure.  Available at

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Washtenaw County Water Resources Green Infrastructure Maintenance Snapshot | 2017-2018

This report details maintenance costs and time spent for various types of green infrastructure installations.  Maintenance includes prescribed burns, herbicide applications, hand pulling, sediment removal, erosion control, planting, and seeding.

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Porous Surfaces: Victoria Cottages townhome development in Gresham, OR - Oregon Metro | 2009

Example of the costs, benefits, and savings of using porous asphalt as a roadway cover, pervious concrete for sidewalks, and permeable pavers for driveways at a new 24-unit townhome development.  Available at

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Native plants vs. turf lawn: sustainability made profitable - American Public Works Association | April 2013

Cost benefit study on the ability to save money on a per-acre basis by replacing strategic portions of turf grass areas with naturalized areas made up of low maintenance, hardy native plants. Costs calculated from hundreds of projects to compare the installation and annual maintenance costs of native prairie plantings to those of maintaining turf lawn shows that in just a few years you can begin to realize a substantial return on your initial investment.  Available at