Data & Research

These documents include data, research, and reports on green infrastructure performance, infiltration rates and practices on various soil types, local climate and precipitation, and impacts on water quality and street runoff utilizing rain gardens, pervious pavements and other green infrastructure techniques.  

Additional presentations from local and national presenters are available here


Green Infrastructure Modeling Resources - EPA

A variety of modeling resources for a wide range of scales and green infrastructure applications.

Green Infrastructure Performance

Street with runoff setup

Hydrologic and Water Quality Performance Evaluation of Porous Pavers & Vegetated Swales - Scott Dierks, PE & Stantec, Inc. | 2009

This case study investigates Easy Street in Ann Arbor, MI where existing asphalt was replaced with porous pavers and five vegetated swales were constructed in the road right-of-way. The hydrologic and water quality benefits of the pavers and swales are assessed in both pre and post-construction conditions over 3 years resulting in recommendations to maximize the benefits of these systems.

Green Infrastructure Infiltration


Infiltration Testing - City of Portland, OR | 2016

Guide for infiltration testing to properly characterize soil infiltration and evaluate site conditions before planning an infiltration stormwater management system. The City of Portland is a leader in green infrastructure and their full Stormwater Management Manual can be found here.

kirkway det basin

Hamilton County, OH Rain Garden Infiltration Studies - Dave Dyke, Commercial Horticulture Educator, OSUE,

A presentation on rain garden infiltration study at several sites covering a range of soil types, conditions, and construction practices. Study sites include rain gardens with amended and unamended soils, clay soils, sandy soils, sandy mixes, underdrains and natural drainage. Recommendations are included to properly understand and maximize infiltration.

Infiltration Graph SK

Rain Garden Infiltration on Marginal Soils - Scott Dierks | Nov 2019

Research conducted about infiltration at multiple green infrastructure sites in Washtenaw County, Michigan. This study explores if plants can improve soil structure and increase infiltration rates of marginal soils.

Local Precipitation

Image from above of cars in a city

Rainfall Data - City of Ann Arbor, Michigan - June, 27, 2013

A severe thunderstorm hit Washtenaw County that resulted in flooded streets, power outages and vehicle crashes. This precipitation data for the sudden storm is from the Barton Pond rain gauge.