Roof Replacement Program

PLEASE NOTE:  The Roof Program Waitlist remains closed at this time.

The 2024 waitlist has closed.   The 2024 waitlist was completely filled very quickly.  The next opportunity to add you name to the roof replacement waitlist is January 21st (Tuesday) 2025 at noon.

Please call our office about other services that can possibly be provided.  The Weatherization Assistance Program can perform a wide variety of valuable improvements.  The Weatherization program is free of charge and residents do not have to be added to a waitlist.  Applications are accepted for Weatherization all year.

The Roof Replacement Program offers roof replacements for income eligible residents.  There is a waitlist for this program which opens once per year.  We anticipate the roof waitlist will open again in January of 2025.

Through this program, eligible work is assigned to an OCED-approved, licensed contractor. There is no immediate cost to the homeowner for these repairs, but the cost of the project will result in a 0% interest lien that will run with the property until the house is sold. 

There are no payments required until the time of sale or change in ownership. This property lien is gradually forgiven over a 30-year period following the completion of the rehabilitation work. If the owner resides in the property for the full 30-year period, the lien will be completely forgiven and no payment will be required.

Rental properties are not eligible for this Program.

Roofing work on outbuildings or detached garages is not eligible through this program.

Due to high demand for the program, there is a waiting list for roof replacement services.

Additional Information

Please call 734 544-3008 for more information.