Wet Basements

Person points to design map of rain gardenSome homeowners that seek rain garden help are experiencing wet or flooded basements and are looking for a way to reduce the amount of water that ends up inside their home. If you have rain water flowing towards your house, we can provide technical assistance to determine if a rain garden can help alleviate your problem. More information on the causes and solutions to wet basements can be found through the Kingston Utility

Steps You Can Take

You may be able to solve the problem simply by clearing debris off the nearest catch basin, or storm drain. Make sure your downspouts are clear and any cracks in your foundation are repaired. If simple solutions do not solve your wet basement problem, then consider the grade of your yard. 

If your grade is sloping towards your house, then the area may need to be re-sloped because water will always follow gravity! A rain garden could alleviate your wet basement problems depending on the groundwater table and your property characteristics. 

Contact Susan Bryan, via email for more information. Learn more from WEMU's Issue of the Environment feature on Preventing Wet Basements by Daniel Long.