County Farm Park Gardens

County Farm Park - Entrance Garden

County Farm Park has acres of installed landscapes, and hundreds of planted specimen trees (oaks, black-gums, maples, ashes and more!) There are great sensory opportunities in a special octagonal perennial garden; diverse and vernacular vegetable and flower displays in the Project Grow Gardens; beautiful native woodland flowers in Britton Woods; a native grasses display along the outer loop trail; and a Kids and Trees nursery, which is just a beginning of the developing plans for a children's playground, children's garden and accessible gardens - all with a farm theme.

A variety of garden surprises await you throughout the seasons; from colorful summer gardens greeting you at park entrances, to all season plantings around buildings and other park amenities, you will find both ornamental and native flowering plants in pockets along trails, in sweeping mosaics across open meadows, or peeking out under mature trees; especially in Britton Woods (visit in spring and you will find many native ephemerals, where blankets of Trillium in May can make you wonder if there is still snow on the ground!)  

County Farm Park Trails

Octagonal Perennial Garden - "Geometry in Bloom"

Routinely walk up and through the unique sunny ‘gem’ called “The Octagonal Perennial Garden” (also, called the “Pyramid Gardens”) located on the hill behind the Platt Pavilion. This year-round-plant-show has signs identifying the over 95 varieties of flowering perennials there.

Project Grow Gardens

Project Grow's core focus is facilitating organic community garden sites throughout Ann Arbor. Each site offers a variety of plot types that accommodate diverse gardeners.

All of the rentable sites use sustainable practices, enriching the land through natural soil improvement, organic growing methods, and careful stewardship. Look for an application on Project Grow's website.

Respectfully enjoy the patch-work-quilts of Project Grow garden sites, and especially seek out the discovery and sensory gardens near the Children’s Playground.

Meri Lou Murray Recreation Center Plantings

Also, when you get into the stride of personalized work-outs, watch for the almost continuous blooms in the garden plantings along the sidewalks leading into the Meri Lou Murray Recreation Center; then relax and/or meditate in the Meri Lou Murray Memorial Garden just west of the recreation center building.


Plans are currently being developed for a plantings for the senses garden with fragrance and textures, birds, butterflies and blooms, and even examples of tasty treats!