Washtenaw County Homelessness Data

For more community homelessness data, please see data reports featured on the HAWC community website.

Continuum of Care Annual Reports

2018 CoC Annual Report (PDF)

2017 CoC Annual Report (PDF)

Point-in-Time (PIT) Count Reports

Reports on data gathered during the annual, HUD-mandated PIT Count of persons experiencing homelessness.

2019 PIT Count One Pager (PDF)

2019 PIT Count Full Debrief (PDF)

2018 PIT Count One Pager (PDF)

2018 PIT Count Full Debrief (PDF)

Historical PIT Count Reports

HUD Reports

Reports provided to HUD on behalf of Washtenaw County.






This 2013 Snapshot (PDF) provides an overview of homelessness in Washtenaw County and how we service those who are homeless.