Master RAIN Gardener Class

Master Rain Gardeners earn their certificate by taking the class and building a rain garden. The class trains people to design and install rain gardens - and to serve as their neighborhood expert. All the classes below cover the same information - pick the format that works best for you.

Master Rain Gardeners help friends and neighbors to learn about, design and plant rain gardens. Recognize them by their Master Rain Gardener t-shirts!

Master Rain Gardeners can order t-shirts, sweaters and more through Thredless: Master Rain Gardener Gear

  1. Winter Class
  3. Summer Online Class
  4. Self-paced class

Winter Classes

  • Cost: $89 (Scholarships available)
  • Wednesday mornings, February 26 - March 25th, 2020. 9:30am-12:30. 
  • Held at MSU classroom at 705 N Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48107. 


Participants must attend all five classes, and then either plant a new rain garden, rehab a rain garden, or adopt a public rain garden to receive their Master RAIN Gardener certificate.

All graduates receive a Master Rain Gardener t-shirt!

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Susan Bryan, Rain Garden Coordinator

Susan has been designing rain gardens for over ten years, and has mentored over 700 homeowners planting rain gardens. She developed the Master Rain Gardener program, and has spread it to six other municipalities. In Ann Arobor, she designed the Miller Avenue rain gardens and the Swift Run streetside rain gardens in Ann Arbor. She is a past President of Wild Ones, has a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Michigan, and is a Master Gardener.

Harry Sheehan, Chief Deputy Water Resources Commissioner

Harry is responsible for planning and financing ongoing Water Resources Office efforts and spearheading innovative projects that keep our rivers running clean.

Shannan Gibb-Randall, Principal at InSite Design Studio, Inc.

Shannan leads InSite Design's ecologically sensitive landscape design work. Her background is in Art History and Landscape Architecture from the University of Michigan. Projects in her portfolio include the City of Ann Arbor Municipal Center, the Stone School roadside rain gardens, the Great Lakes Garden at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, and the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center Courtyard.

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