Local Historic Districts 

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Why are Local Historic Districts important?

Communities become more vibrant by caring for historic neighborhoods, downtowns, and community spaces. Stewarding historic sites is vital for placemaking. When we preserve local history, we can learn from our past and celebrate what makes a community unique.

Who is the Historic District Commission?

The Historic District Commission (HDC) oversees  local historic districts in Washtenaw County and supports local units of government outside of Ann Arbor, Saline, and Ypsilanti.

What is a Historic Resource?

Historic resources are buildings, sites, structures or objects that exemplify a period of history. We evaluate the historical value of a site using these questions:

Is the property associated with significant events?
Is the property associated with significant persons in our past?
Does the property embody a particular style, type or method of construction?
Does the property possess high artistic value?
Does the property yield important historical information?
Is the property 50 years old or older?

Why Designate?

Protection: Designation protects local historic sites from insensitive changes or demolition.
Community Benefit: Designation remains with the property regardless of ownership, and protects the property even if you move on. It also helps preserve the historic character of a neighborhood.
Incentives: Local historic districts have access to funding through preservation easements, tax credits, and Certified Local Government Grants.

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