White Cap Bay

The zero-depth entry wave pool allows guests to play in the surf of the shallow end and ride the waves floating in inner tubes in the deeper water. On busy days, park visitors cheer when the bell sounds announcing the beginning of the wave cycle. The waves are on for 8 minutes and then the water is calm for 12, with the cycle being repeated throughout the day.

Attraction Wave Pool

Plunge Peak

This 32 foot tall tower features 3 water slides! Two twisting slides, each with 250 feet of wet and winding fun, and one 160-foot speed slide for more adventurous riders.

Riders must be 42 inches or taller to ride any slide on Plunge Peak.

Plunge Peak

Lazy River

The lazy river has a zero-depth entrance, a depth of 30 inches throughout, and offers 750 feet of slow moving current. Guests may enjoy a relaxing float in a no-spray channel or choose an optional adventure route featuring various forms of spray, geysers or falling water, including tumble buckets that randomly fill and spill on the guests floating below.

Lazy River

Slide Mountain

Body Slide and Tube Slide: The narrow body slide offers a long straightaway and a sweeping turn before spilling into a splash pool. On the wider tube slide, guests may ride with or without a tube and, as an option. Riders must be 42 inches or taller to rider alone.

Slide Mountain

Little Dipper

The Little Dipper kiddie slide is for children less than 45 inches tall. The ride gently slopes into shallow water and is wide enough for several children to ride at the same time.

Kiddie Slide

Activity Pool

The activity pool is very popular with younger children due to its:

  • Gentle bubblers
  • Geysers
  • Little Dipper slide for children under 45 inches tall
  • Waterfall
  • Wide zero depth entry
Activity Pool

Spray Grounds

The new spraygrounds opened in 2018 and features a large spray structures with multiple slides and water features. The 7,000 square foot state area also include two large dumping buckets, fountains, interactive water features and a tot zone with shad structure. 


The new playground opened in 2019 and features a large climbing structure, monkey bars, slides and interactive sensory features for all ages. This is a dry playground with a padded turf surface with wheelchair accessibility. This playground is only accessible to water park guest.