Application Process - New Concealed Pistol License (CPL/CCW)

CPL/CCW Applications are Accepted In-Person by Appointment, Only

Click here to schedule an in-person appointment.

You must apply at the County Clerk's office before being fingerprinted. During your appointment you will be provided with information and options to book a same- or next-day appointment for LiveScan fingerprinting through a local agency.


$100 at the point of application, plus a separate payment of $15 at the point of fingerprinting.

Payment Types Accepted

Cash, Check, Money Order, Credit (Visa, MasterCard & Discover, only)

New & Re-Application Process

  1. Obtain an application from County Clerk/Register, local police department, Sheriff Department, or online.
  2. Complete Pistol Safety Training Course
  3. Appear in-person and submit completed application and certificate of completion of pistol safety training. Service is available by appointment. Click here to schedule an in-person appointment.

    For Training Certificates issued on or after December 1, 2015, each certificate must contain the following, which shall be printed on the face of the certificate or attached in a separate document: 
    • the instructor’s name and telephone number 
    • the name and telephone number of the organization that has certified the individual as an instructor
    • the instructor’s instruction certificate number & expiration date of that certificate.
  4. Have your fingerprints taken using a LiveScan system. During your appointment at the Clerk’s office you will be provided with options to book a same- or next-day appointment for fingerprinting services through a local agency. You must attend your appointment at the Clerk's office before having your fingerprints taken.

    You must take the receipt of application received from the County Clerk/Register to your fingerprinting appointment.

After fingerprinting a background check is completed. A letter will then be sent informing applicant of approval or disqualification.

All approved permits are sent through the mail along with the approval letter.

If a permit is lost or stolen, there is a $10 fee for a replacement.