Badminton House Rules

The policies and rules are intended for use when there are individuals waiting to play. These house policies and rules are based on the player survey responses.

If there are more players than court space in the gym (courts are full):

  • Warm-up time should be allowed: 5 Minutes
  • Scoring format: One game, 21 points, rally point BWF scoring
  • Can courts be reserved for singles: No
  • Can courts be reserved for new people or beginners: No
  • Can courts be reserved for challenge courts: No
  • Rules used to allocate court space? Whole gym sign-up sheet Number 1.
    • All games will be played with current international scoring system of rally point first to 21 points.
    • Warm-up before matches will be limited to no more than 5 minutes.
    • When warming up players are expected to share courts.
  • When there are more teams than courts allow, the following player rotations will be used:
    • Matches will be limited to one standard BWF game to 21 points, after which, both competing teams must vacate the court.
    • A sign-up sheet will be used, administered by the gym monitor at the side doors to the gym.
    • All players wishing to play, once they are off court, will sign up with the gym monitor with the other players they want to play with in groups of 1, 2, 3, or 4.
    • No player currently playing on court may be on the sign up sheet, nor may any player's name be on the sign-up sheet more than once (actively).
    • Once a group has signed up, any changes to that grouping will result in it being moved to the bottom of the sign-up sheet.
    • The gym monitor will pair up groupings that do not have the full 4 names signed up by selecting the next available grouping on the sign-up sheet that brings the higher line up to 4 players.
    • Once a grouping is told to go to a court, their names will be crossed off the list.
    • Should a pairing be missing a player for any reason the gym monitor will skip that entire pairing until all players are available (bathroom, phone call, etc.)
    • Teams have no more than 5 minutes to warm up.
    • Server must audibly announce score prior to serving each point.