Obtain a Nominating or Qualifying Petition

The Washtenaw County Clerk/Register’s office is closed through April 13, 2020.

Our offices will not be available in-person or by phone during this time.

Certain Clerk/Register services WILL CONTINUE at reduced capacity ONLINE and BY MAIL - PLEASE SEE HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

During this closure, candidates may file for County, State Representative, and Precinct Delegate offices by sending their filing materials (including a notarized Affidavit of Identity and filing fee or petitions - if applicable) to this office by postal mail. 

Blank copies of petitions may be requested and will be provided by mail.

For more information contact elections@washtenaw.org

Nominating petitions and Qualifying petitions (for candidates without party affiliation that run for a partisan office) are available from election officials on the county and local level. The type of petition needed depends on the office sought and party affiliation. Michigan Election Law determines the format of the petitions candidates use when collecting signatures (P.A. 116 Section 168.544c). 

Candidates can determine the number of signatures required on a nominating petition by contacting the filing official. 

Candidates may make photo copies of the petition provided the copies are exactly the same as the original petitions. 

Filing Fees in Lieu of Petitions

Candidates who are affiliated with the Democratic, Republican and Libertarian parties that are running for the offices of state senator, state representative or any county offices may file a $100 fee instead of filing a partisan nominating petition.

Any school board candidate may file the $100 fee.

Persons wishing to run with no party affiliation must file qualifying petitions and may not file a fee.