Hiking / Jogging / Walking / Nature Trails

Most WCPARC parks have trails providing places to hike, walk, jog and enjoy the beauty of nature. Because of the disturbance to wildlife and nature programs, recreational/exercise jogging is not allowed on paths labeled as Nature Trails.

County Greenways & B2B

Learn about the County Greenways and Border-to-Border trail.

County Farm Park Fitness Trail

Independence Lake

Independence Lake offers a paved multi-use path as well as nature trails. The scenic paved path passes through wooded areas, traverses marshes, and follows the edge of the lake. The paved path is approximately two miles in length and is great for jogging, walking, riding or rollerblading.

More than three miles of trails take you through wetlands, woodlots and prairie areas with rare plant species, offer great birding opportunities. A special place to visit on your hike is the observation tower that overlooks a scenic wetland offering great views of wildlife. The park offers something for everyone who loves nature.

Meri Lou Murray Recreation Building

  • Length: 12 laps per mile

Jogging is offered at the Recreation Center on the 1/12th mile track. The track is closed from 1:30 to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday for cleaning. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when on the track.

North & South Park Lyndon

Learn about the North and South Lyndon Parks.

Osborne Mill

Learn about the Osborne Mill Preserve.

Parker Mill

  • Parker Mill paved multi-use trail (leads to Gallup Park)
    Length: 1 mile one way
  • Hoyt G. Post Trail
    Note: Jogging is prohibited on the Hoyt G. Post Trail (walking only)
  • Sugarbush Trail

Rolling Hills

Rolling Hills offers a variety of trails including

  • 5 miles of paved surface for walking, biking and rollerblading
  • 3 mile soft surface hiking trail with two observation decks and rolling terrain
  • 3/4-mile nature trail winding throughout tall trees
  • 1/2-mile of the nature trail is fully accessible. In winter, the paved trail is cleared.
Paved Trails
Women using walking path
Trail through woods