* * * Concerning Temporary Closure Due to the Coronavirus * * *

Due to the coronavirus response, the Equalization office will be closed at least until April 6th.  To our local partners in assessing, in preparing for county equalization you may upload signed electronic versions of any required forms in the meantime.  Washtenaw County is scheduled to equalize on April 22nd.

Regarding the verification of warranty deeds, most issues in recording may be overcome by affixing to the legal description text which reads, "Described for purposes of assessing and taxation as," followed by the parcel's tax description which may be retrieved from the Property / Parcel Lookup page under this site's Services tab.

For the assignment of parcel identification numbers resulting from a split or combination, for parcels split during calendar year 2020 the new numbers will not take effect until tax year 2021.  Before 2021, any description of the new parcels may be identified as a "part of" the parent parcel number.  Please contact Dick Steffens at steffenr@washtenaw.org should you have any questions.


To set equalized and taxable base values for the county, to create and maintain a graphic representation of legal descriptions for all real property located in the county, and to assist local units of government in matters concerning assessment and taxation administration as mandated by Michigan State Law.

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The Equalization Department's main function is to assure that all property across the county's local units of government is assessed fairly and equitably.  This is accomplished by a staff of appraisers that  annually conducts studies of all classes of property.  The department also performs complete re-appraisals of every parcel in a unit of government when requested by that unit.  Washtenaw Equalization currently acts as the assessor for Freedom and Saline Townships.

The Property Description section maintains current property line maps for the entire county.  Copies of these maps are available for a fee to the public, and can be accessed interactively online using MapWashtenaw.  The department is responsible for assigning tax identification numbers to newly split or combined parcels, new subdivisions and condominiums, except for those within the City of Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti Township, and Scio Township.

Additional information available to the public includes assessments rolls for current and previous years, sales ratio studies, equalization reports, millage rates, and surveys.

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