Blue Heron Bay Pavilion Rentals

Thank you for choosing the Blue Heron Bay Spray Pad as the venue for your event. Blue Heron Bay events can take place during it's hours of operation, 10:00am through 6:00pm seven days a week. 

Below is the document section of this web page l is our event flyer which explains the steps you need to take to plan your event with us. In the document section below are also the pavilion map, pavilion rental application including guest payment application with sample passes, and the concessions order form. 

The pavilions available at BHB are Maple, Willow, Maple/Willow, Oak, Hickory, Oak/Hickory, and Gamble Group Center (all). We also have the picnic area right outside of BHB that is available for rental. To rent one of these options you must fill out the pavilion application form and pay for the pavilion at the time you are renting. You may NOT pay for the pavilion the day of the event.

The templates for the guest payment vehicle pass and spray park admission pass are also in the document section below. For the guest payment option, you can choose to use both the vehicle pass and the spray park admission pass, one or the other, or neither. Guests will be responsible for paying for whatever the guest payment does not cover. Pricing for vehicle entry and spray pad admissions are listed below. If you are choosing to use our guest payment option, please download the document of the pass you are using and enter the name and date of your event where it says [EVENT NAME HERE] and [DATE]. If you are using the vehicle pass OR the admission pass, please only change and print the one that fits your needs. The guest payment application and passes MUST be turned in a week prior to your rental to complete the guest pay application process. 

Vehicle Entry: 

  • Resident (with ID)
    1. Day Pass $6.00
    2. Senior Day Pass $3.00
    3. Annual Pass $30.00 (not included in guest pay)
  • Non-resident 
    1. Day Pass $10.00
    2. Senior Day Pass $6.00
    3. Annual Pass $45.00 (not included in guest pay)

Spray Park Admission:

  • Resident (with ID)
    • $4.00
  • Non-resident 
    • $5.00

Outside food and drink are NOT allowed in the spray park apart from cake, cupcakes, and bottled water. You are welcome to place a concessions order 72 hours in advance using the concessions order form. If you wish to eat outside food, we recommend reserving the picnic area as well, for it is not located within BHB. Once admission into the spray pad is paid, patrons will get a stamp on their hand, which allows them to come and go as they please. 

For guest payments and concession orders, payment is due the day of your party at the end of the party. 

You also have the option of purchasing vouchers for guests to use on a later date as party favors, if interested please let us know 72 hours before your event. Pricing for the vouchers are the same as the prices listed above. If your event is a birthday party, we have a banner that we can hang up over your pavilion on the day of your party. 

If you decide to leave the park, you do not have to pay vehicle entry again, but you MUST wait in line upon return to show the gate attendant your pass.  

Again, thank you for choosing us to host your event, and we cannot wait to party with you at Blue Heron Bay!