Environmental Excellence Awards

The Environmental Excellence Partnership Program (E2P2) recognizes businesses and non-profit organizations in Washtenaw County that provide leadership in environmental protection and practice environmentally sound behavior in the areas of water quality protection, waste reduction and recycling, and pollution prevention.

A steering committee facilitates the annual award process, including the recommendations of businesses or non-profit organizations to receive the award. The committee consists of Washtenaw County staff from the Office of the Water Resources Commissioner and Health Department Environmental Health Division.


Award criteria include:

  • Compliance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations
  • Implementation of innovative environmental initiatives above and beyond legal requirements
  • Submission of necessary plans and reports, e.g. Hazardous Materials and Waste Spill Response plans, Water Quality Action Plan, Solid Waste Generator Reports, Pollution Prevention Status Sheets, etc.
  • A demonstrated commitment to our environment and community

Please join Washtenaw County in congratulating these organizations for their commitment to improve environmental quality!

About the Environmental Excellence Partnership Program (E2P2)

The E2P2 Program offers 3 opportunities for participation: Community Partners for Clean Streams for water quality protection, Waste Knot for waste reduction and recycling, and the Pollution Prevention Program for the safe storage and use of hazardous materials.

Community Partners for Clean Streams

Community Partners for Clean Streams is a cooperative effort between the Washtenaw County Water Resource Commissioner’s Office and Washtenaw County businesses and institutions with a common goal to promote business practices that protect Washtenaw County’s watersheds and waterways.

Waste Knot Program

Provides community-wide recognition and organization-based technical assistance and education to businesses, schools, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations that demonstrate leadership in waste reduction and recycling to protect our environment and to improve their bottom line. Partners receive service discounts, discounted advertising, and much, much more. Learn more on our Waste Knot page.

Pollution Prevention Program

The Pollution Prevention Program is responsible for inspecting facilities that store, manufacture, or use hazardous, toxic, or polluting materials. Inspectors ensure that facilities utilize and dispose of hazardous materials properly, thereby preventing environmental contamination. This program operates in accordance with the Washtenaw County Pollution Prevention Regulation under Public Health’s Environmental Health Division.

2019 Environmental Excellence Awards Ceremony

We had the honor of recognizing our new Community Partners for Clean Streams and Waste Knot partners as well as leaders from the Master Composter program and the Master Rain Gardener program. Watch the awards ceremony here: Environmental Excellence Awards Ceremony.

Our Overall Environmental Excellence Awards were awarded to the following organizations for their outstanding work:

Excellence in Pollution Prevention - O&W, Inc.

Excellence in Pollution Prevention 2019- O&W, Inc

Excellence in Water Quality - Thurston Nature Center

Excellence in Water Quality 2019- Thurston Nature Center

Excellence in Waste Reduction and Recycling - Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority

Excellence in Waste Reduction and Recycling 2019- Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority

Overall Environmental Excellence - Ann Arbor YMCA

Overall Environmental Excellence Award 2019- Ann Arbor YMCA

For more photos from the event, visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.org/wcwrc.

More Information

For more information on the E2P2 Program or the Environmental Excellence Awards, please contact us via email or 734-222-6860.